Laser Dentistry

Utilizing the Latest in Dental Technology in St. Louis

The field of dentistry continues to evolve with the introduction of new procedures and technologies. Current research has shown that dental lasers are becoming some of the more effective and versatile tools in dentistry. Gary B. Wiele, DDS uses laser dentistry to improve oral health for his patients in St. Louis and the surrounding communities.

Soft Tissue Lasers

When gum disease occurs, the irritation and inflammation of the surrounding soft tissue causes the gums to recede. This recession allows tartar, or calcified bacteria, to travel toward the root of the tooth, leading to advanced periodontal disease. This chain of events leads to the further gum recession for neighboring teeth, increasing the likelihood of tooth decay and loss, as well as contributing to complications with other health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes.

Supplemental to scaling and root planing, Dr. Wiele uses soft tissue lasers to reverse the effects of gum disease. The laser eliminates oral bacteria as it creates a pathway for the deep cleaning instruments to reach below the gum line. Once the tartar and plaque has been cleared and the root surface has been smoothed, the laser is used to complete the sterilization process. Especially when compared to the results of traditional periodontal therapy alone, treatment with soft tissue lasers encourages diminished gum tissue to regenerate effectively.

Low Level Laser Therapy for TMJ

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is where the lower jaw bone connects to the rest of the facial skeleton. Due to a number of contributing factors, disorders can occur at this important junction, leading to limited motion and discomfort. Low level laser therapy, or LLLT, has shown to be effective in producing relief for patients with TMJ disorders. In this therapeutic approach, Dr. Wiele uses a laser to treat the area near the joint, reducing inflammation and muscular strain. After this procedure, patients are able to enjoy eating and speaking comfortably again.

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By offering state-of-the-art therapy with dental lasers, Dr. Gary Wiele provides efficient treatment with increased accuracy for patients in Clayton and neighborhoods throughout St Louis. For more information, contact our practice today!


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I was not sure what to expect when I decided to try straightening my teeth for my daughter's wedding. There were only three months until the wedding and I really did not believe there would be significant results in such a short period of time. Furthermore, with a wedding in the near future, I was hesitant because I was not sure financially that this would be possible. I was extremely happy after meeting with Dr. Wiele and hearing what could be done with my teeth with the funds I had available. The entire three months went so quickly and the results were beautiful. I was amazed when the braces came off a week before the wedding and my teeth looked so straight and beautiful. The photographer did not have to ask me to smile for the pictures! If you would like to improve your smile, no matter what the reason or the financial situation, talk to Dr. Wiele and his staff. I'm sure glad I did!

Sharron Estes

Thank you all so much for going out of your way to perfect my smile. Everyone is always so wonderful to be around, it makes going to the dentist a fun experience. My teeth look wonderful and I am very pleased with the results. Thank you so much again for everything you have done and everything you continue to do.

Jill Bernard

I would like to thank Dr. Wiele and his staff for an unbelievable dental experience. I went from being terrified of dental work to actually being able to relax and rest in the chair. Thanks for the miracle you worked with my smile. I am truly grateful and realize I smile more than ever. I never knew it would look this awesome. You really are gifted from above!

Rodney Mills

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